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Why In-Home Senior Care?

In Home Senior Care

In Home Senior Care

There is growing public demand for senior care services that are available to the public in their own homes. The reasons have to do with tradition, comfort, technology, and with cost effectiveness.


In-home senior care is the oldest form of senior care – and it is also the “newest.”  Modern technology has developed to the point that background screening and on-time care assurance allow for worry free senior care to be provided at home. There is significant evidence that it is less costly than other forms of care, and that it is the most satisfying form of senior care available to the residents of Louisiana. It is an idea whose time has come.




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  • You or your loved one can remain at home! There are such positive feelings that all of us associate with being home. When we are not feeling well, most of us ask to go home. When we are feeling well, we enjoy the sanctity of our residences and the joy of being with our loved ones.
  • In-home senior care keeps families together. There is no more important social value. It is particularly important in times of illness.
  • In-home senior care serves to keep the elderly independent. None of us want to be totally dependent and helpless. Senior care services delivered in the home help people to remain independent and to maintain their lifestyles.
  • In-home senior care promotes healing. There is abundant evidence that patients heal more quickly at home.
  • In-home senior care allows a maximum amount of freedom for the individual. Hospitals and nursing homes offer more regimented, regulated environments. In-home senior care offers a reassuring, individualized setting.
  • In-home senior care is personalized care. In-home care is tailored to the needs of each individual. It is delivered on a one-to-one basis.
  • In-home senior care involves the individual and the family in the care that is delivered. The senior and his or her family are asked to actively participate in planning the care that is provided in order to fulfill your wants and needs. Our goal is to keep our clients active and social in the hopes of maintaining their health.
  • In-home senior care reduces stress. Unlike most forms of senior care which can increase stress and guilt, in-home senior care frequently has the opposite effect by helping the family with time management and worries about their loved ones.  It can often help to improve the family bonds by relieving stress, worry, and guilt.
  • In-home senior care is given by special people. By and large, Absolute Care Providers employees look at their work, not as a job or profession, but as a calling. Our caregivers are highly trained and dedicated to their work.
  • In-home senior care, in many cases, less expensive than other options. The evidence is convincing that, for most people, in-home care is less expensive than moving into and assisted living facility. In general, in-home senior care can be arranged for a fraction of the cost of the monthly fees associated with senior living facilities.
  • In-home senior care extends life. Many studies suggest that seniors with the ability to remain in their home will live longer than those forced to vacate their home for a living facility.  In-home senior care helps not only add years to life, but “life to years.”
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